Company Updates

August 17th, 2022

New Overview Pages: Customers & Payments

Customers & Payments

It is now easier to manage your customers and payments in Hoist. Two weeks ago, we unveiled our improved customer and payment detail pages. Now, we’ve published new overview pages to streamline your tasks further. Continue reading for more details.

Customers Overview

In addition to an updated layout, the customers overview now has options for filtering and sorting. You can toggle between viewing all customers, those who started a job, and those who haven’t. Also, you can sort by name, street, date, or status.

Payments Overview

Prior to this update, viewing your payments required going through the customer page. Now, you can quickly access your payments from the navigation. You can filter by payment status or sort by name, date, or amount. Plus, instantly see how much you’ve been paid vs. how much you’re owed to stay on top of overdue payments.