Company Updates

January 6th, 2023

Content Updates

Content Updates

We are excited to announce the launch of new content we have created over the past quarter that can help you improve your skills and processes in your business. This content includes: 

  • The Path to Success framework 
  • Tactical Playbooks
  • New types of Coaching Events
  • Resources you can use in your business processes
  • Owners’ Call Snippets

The Path To Success Framework

Hoist has developed a framework called the Path to Success to help you understand what it takes to run a successful business in the painting industry. This framework includes a definition of a successful business, a baseline revenue ramp, 4 tracks with different performance metrics based on your starting capital and experience to hit that revenue ramp, and a reporting system that flags when you are on or off the path so we can proactively support your business. 

There is also new business training in the Learning Center of your Hoist account that dives into the Path to Success in greater detail.

Tactical Playbooks 

The playbooks in the “Owner Resources + Playbooks” section of the leaning center in Hoist are all developed to give you specific learnings and action steps to improve your skills in each area. Hoist recommends opening the playbook, right clicking, and selecting the “Print” button. This will download the playbook as a PDF to your computer. You can then use the playbook offline or even print it to have a hard copy in your hands. Business owners can access the playbooks by navigating to the Learning Center of their Hoist Account.

New Coaching Events

There are a few new coaching events you can schedule with our professional business coach:

  • Door-to-Door Coaching - Get a deep understanding of how this self gen tactic can drastically change your business. Put together a plan of action for how to start implementing this tactic asap in your business.
  • Subcontractor Recruiting - Create a plan on how to implement different subcontractor recruiting tactics. You can even spend this time roleplaying an interview and get feedback on it!
  • Production Coaching - From production scheduling to customer service and subcontractor management, whatever you are struggling with in your production, this coaching session will help you problem solve it. 
  • Process Development - Anything you have learned since you launched your business can be developed into a repeatable and scalable process. This will help you improve in very specific ways as well as simplify your process of bringing on and training new team members.

New Resources for your Business Processes

Don’t forget about the Owner Resources section of the training. This has a ton of great content to support you in your business operations and we are always adding to it! From a step by step guide on creating a marketing plan, to a word for word call script to follow up on your subcontractor applicants, you can use these resources to drastically improve how you are running your business. Business owners can access these resources by navigating to the Learning Center of their Hoist Account.

Some of the new resources include:

  • Pre-estimate email template
  • Pre-estimate call script and checklist
  • Follow Up script for your outstanding estimates
  • About Me example for your estimate packet
  • Last Year Customer marketing script

Owners’ Call Snippets

Over the past year, we have had dozens of Owners’ Calls. Each of these calls has been recorded to allow the content to be used in other ways. We have started the process of splicing these videos and cutting them up into bite-sized pieces for you to use to gain additional insights on how to run your business successfully. Each of these lessons has a video snippet from a past Owners’ Call as well as a transcript you can read that follows the video. To access the Owners’ Call Snippets, login to your Hoist account and navigate to the Learning Center.