Company Updates

August 4th, 2022

Redesign: Customers, Estimates, Payments, & Jobs

Hoist Redesign

We're excited to announce a redesign of Hoist! We’ve improved the navigation, customer detail page, estimate page, payment process, and job scheduling process. Learn more below.

New Customer Detail Page

It is now easier to view and modify your customer data. No longer are your customers' estimates, jobs, and payments hidden behind tabs. All are quickly accessible on the new customer detail page. Plus, notes that you make for a given customer’s estimate or job will also be accessible here.


Improved Payments Process

The new payment process is faster and more flexible. Plus, your customer-facing payment page now looks more professional (example below).

To create a new payment, navigate to your customer’s detail page and click “request payment”. From here, you’ll be prompted to enter a value. Next, decide if you’d like to text the payment page link directly to the customer or copy it to share another way. Before sending, you’ll be able to modify the content of the text message.

Note: Payments are now independent of jobs. If you need a 25% downpayment for a $10,000 job, for example, you would send an initial payment link for $2,500. Then, you'd send a separate $7,500 payment link upon completion.

Action Required: Due to the updated payment process, Hoist is eliminating the current payment page (/pay). All outstanding customer payment pages will be removed on August 17th, 2022. Please be sure that any customers that have an outstanding payment either pay before then or receive a new link.


New Estimate Appointment Page

Estimate appointment details can be reached from the customer detail page by clicking on an estimate card. As always, you can leave notes on the page and update the estimate’s status to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. All notes left on your estimates will also be reflected on the customer’s detail page.


Improved Job Scheduling Process

The new job scheduling process is more flexible and user-friendly. Instead of creating jobs with fixed start and end dates, you'll be able to set an estimated timeframe. To do so, just select “It’s Flexible” after creating a new job. Once you’re closer to starting, you can add specific dates.


Coming up in August

Next month, we'll be making improvements to the customer index page. Keep an eye out!