Company Updates

June 28th, 2022

PaintScout Partnership & Enhanced Reporting

Hoist is Now an Official PaintScout Partner

We've partnered with PaintScout, the painting industry’s premier estimation software. Our partnership helps you accurately bid projects, organize your customer information, and close more deals.

Accurately bid projects

PaintScout makes it easy to create an accurate bid when providing customers with an estimate. Be confident that your proposed prices are attainable and profitable.

Organize your customer information

Estimate appointments scheduled in Hoist are automatically sent to PaintScout. This reduces your busy work and ensures your data is correct wherever you view it.

Close more deals

Providing estimates with PaintScout makes it easy for your customers to understand and accept your bid. You get access to clean and clear templates that are proven to convert. The result? You win more jobs and get more revenue.

Get an exclusive discount

When you partner with Hoist, you get 3 months free of PaintScout (a $237 value).

Keep in mind

If you are currently using PaintScout, we recommend you connect your accounts as soon as possible. See how to do this here.

If you do not use PaintScout, there is no action required from you at this time. We'll keep you updated on any future changes.

Enhanced Reporting

We rolled out a new and improved reporting section. You can now view your entire sales funnel in one place! Keep close tabs on your revenue and average job size. Plus keep track of your total leads, purchased estimates, completed estimates, and jobs. We've made it easy to monitor your conversion rate at every stage.

Coming up in July

We'll be releasing improvements to our core workflow. Keep an eye out for job and customer management updates.