Company Updates

March 29th, 2023

Create and Share Proposals

Create & Share Proposals

Introducing Proposals! Now you can create and share custom-branded project proposals with your customers directly in Hoist. To get started, click on a customer. Once on their detail page, click “Add new” in the top right corner, then “Proposals”.

From here, you’re able to add each line item, its price, and its details. The job’s total price is automatically calculated at the bottom. Plus, you can add an additional memo for the customer.

Viewing the proposal, you’ll notice that your logo appears automatically in the top right corner and the color is matched to your selected brand color in settings.

At this point, you can email the proposal to your customer without ever leaving Hoist. Just edit as you’d like, then click “Review and send”. If you’d like to also share the proposal via text, simply copy the link that appears once this is sent.

Once sent, your customers will get a link to this page. To accept your proposal, they just click either of the "Accept proposal" buttons.

At this point, you can monitor when it’s viewed and accepted. You’ll also get an email confirmation when accepted.

If the customer requests any changes to the proposal, you can easily copy it, make the necessary changes, and send the next version. From there you’ll be ready to close the deal!

Note: This is just the first version of Proposals. We’ll have more updates that should be ready in the next few weeks! Keep an eye out.