Company Updates

May 2nd, 2023

Smart Proposals

Introducing Smart Proposals

Just over a month ago, we launched the Proposals tool. Now, with Smart Proposals, you can create and share proposals with your customers even faster. Smart Proposals automatically calculates the prices of the items in your proposal based on your unique material costs, labor costs, and markup. Just set your rates, enter what's included in the job, and your proposal is ready to go.

To create a Smart Proposal, click on a specific customer. From here click "Add new", then "Smart Proposal".

Now you're ready to enter the job details.

After adding a line item, its price will be automatically calculated. To see how it was calculated, click "view breakdown".

When you create your first Smart Proposal, you'll notice it is calculated using the default settings. To update your cost and markup settings, click on the gear icon in the left side navigation, then "Proposal cost settings". Once your settings are set and you've added each line item, click the "Review and Send" button to send it to your customer.

And, with that, you're good to go! Have any questions? Reach out to us at support. We're here to help.