Company Updates

May 31st, 2022

HFA Credit Tracking, Follow Ups, and the Leaderboard

Home Field Advantage Credit Tracking

You no longer need to reach out to the support team to access your credit balance. Estimate appointment credits are now trackable in the Hoist app. Click on "Marketing" and you will see your balance if one exists.

To redeem your credits, place a marketing order.

Your credits will be fulfilled before your order. You will be charged for estimates delivered as a part of your order only after this happens. For example: if you receive four estimate credits and place an order for 15 estimates, your first four estimates will be free. Your fifth, sixth, and so on will be charged as usual.

You can see which estimates were delivered via credit vs. which were paid by clicking on your most recent marketing order.

Note: if you submit a refund request for an estimate appointment that you paid for and it is approved, you will receive a cash refund. You will not receive an appointment credit. Estimate appointment credits are granted for promotional purposes (or reapplied after those promotions if any of those estimates are canceled).

Follow Ups

Keep your workflows up to date with Follow Ups.

If an estimate appointment hasn’t been updated within 48 hours of it occurring, you will now see a prompt on your dashboard to help you do so. A similar follow up will display if you need to update the deal value of a job.

In either case, you can follow the prompt to update your data in two clicks.


Ever wonder how your business stacks up to others in the Hoist community? We’ve created a leaderboard to show how you compare.

View the top businesses by both revenue and conversion rate over the past thirty days. You’ll get to see the top businesses overall as well as the top new companies.

Coming up in June

We’re going to make it easier to track your sales funnel performance. Keep an eye out for reporting enhancements soon!