Company Updates

October 3rd, 2022

Variable Marketing Pricing

The Price of Marketing (Home Field Advantage) Has Changed

The Hoist team has been hard at work making Home Field Advantage better for your business. We've made many improvements, including optimized lead generation and more efficient lead qualification that have led to a lowered cost of marketing.

As a result, estimate appointments generated through Home Field Advantage are no longer charged at the flat rate of $215! Instead, they are charged by the real cost of each business owner's marketing.

Although this has increased the price for some, we are thrilled that the price has decreased for most. Moving forward, your price per estimate appointment will update on the first of each month, dependent on your marketing's recent performance. Any orders placed within that month will be fulfilled at that price point.

To see your price, log into Hoist and click "Marketing" in the left navigation.


An earlier version of this update stated that any orders started during a given month will be fulfilled at that month's price. This is incorrect. Any order placed within a given month will be delivered at that month's price point. For example, if an order is placed on November 26th but starts on December 5th, it will be fulfilled at November's price.