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Schedule Management

Keep Your Calendar Up To Date

Hoist Calendar syncs with your customer data to ensure you know where you have to be and when you have to be there. Stay up to date on all your jobs, estimate appointments, and other calendar events.


Hoist Agents will view your calendar to determine when to schedule estimate appointments on your behalf. To ensure your availability is up to date, set your company hours in the app. You can also add time blocks when you know you'll be busy.

Buffer Time

Never be late because of travel time. Use Buffer Time to set your preferred buffer between obligations. Hoist Agents will only schedule estimate appointments when there's enough time to travel from one to the other.

Google Calendar Integration

Automatically see your appointments and jobs from Hoist in your Google Calendar. Plus, your Hoist Calendar will automatically create time blocks when you add events through Google. That way, no estimate appointments get scheduled during your other obligations.

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