How To Find A Good Painter - Choosing The Right Contractor

How to Choose the Right Painting Contractor: Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor ✓ Estimate Template ✓ Own Referrals ✓ Competitive Pricing, and more.

It’s extremely important to be an educated consumer. Relax! This doesn’t mean that you need an intensive course in all things painting; That’s what we’re here for. What you do need to do, however, is ask yourself a crucial question: “Who can I trust to do a great job, that provides me with the best value for my money?”

Own Referrals:

The golden rule for finding a painter you can trust is simple - go through referrals. Before you look online for local listings, ask friends or family for their recommendations. If you don’t know people in your areas who have had their places painted, then it’s wise to seek out reviews. Unhappy customers are definitely not shy about airing their grievances online, and good reviews are only posted by those who are truly satisfied with results. Moreover, since it’s not easy to get a good review, most contractors you’ll find online will work hard to keep up their “good review” status and maintain a high rating. In short- they will focus on quality and customer service.

Competitive Pricing:

While it’s definitely important to get as much value for your money as possible, remember to prioritise the value over the money. While it’s easy to go with the lowest bidder, you might just end up having to spend more money all over again to fix the mess that they made if they’re not qualified enough or don’t have the right resources. Price should definitely be a factor and you should have multiple bids on hand to get an idea of the rates in your area- but remember, you need to weigh the pros and cons; Great quality doesn’t come cheap.

Ask Questions - Like, A LOT Of Questions!

It’s better to know everything right at the beginning rather than getting a nasty surprise when you’re already deep into the project. Any good painting company will perform a site visit before they give you an estimate. Ideally, the owner of the business should do the project estimating so you have the opportunity to address all your questions and concerns. You need to make two lists of questions:

  • One list should contain all of the things you would like to know—remember, there are no stupid questions.
  • The other is a list of essential questions you must ask, in order to cover all your bases. Here they are: 
  1. Do they have any references?
  2. How much experience do they have in the painting business?
  3. What kind of materials do they use?
  4. What kind of prep work do they do before a job, and how thorough?
  5. How many painters do they have on staff?
  6. Can they make recommendations on what materials will work best for your project?
  7. Do they have all proper documentation including a state-issued license?
  8. Do they have insurance?
  9. Do they offer any warranties or guarantees?
  10. Are there any hidden/extra costs?
  11. Will they give me a detailed written estimate beforehand?
  12. Will they give me daily updates on the progress?

There you have it! In order to choose a painter that will be right for you, you should ideally go through referrals or narrow down your list based on reviews you have access to. Follow up with a lot of questions, and then choose your painter!

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