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Owning A Business With Hoist - The Benefits

Hoist can simplify the process thanks to the incredible features that it boasts with lead optimization, scheduling, invoicing, marketing, brand messaging, training, and so much more.

At Hoist, we believe that it shouldn’t take a tremendous amount of money to scale your business properly. There are millions of entrepreneurs out there that aren’t concerned with building out an app or a social media platform, and we understand that. If you are serious about taking your painting business or moving business to the next level, we have the resources and expertise that can help you grow significantly. Why shouldn’t the owner of a roofing business be able to access a platform that can optimize their leads, perfect their marketing campaign, and establish credibility with new and existing customers?

Our team consists of former employees from internationally-known companies like Apple, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, IBM, General Electric, and more. At Hoist, we believe that starting a home services company doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is now. We offer modern and innovative solutions to problems that you may be facing now. We’ve gathered some of the best minds in the tech sector to help home services professionals control their own destiny.

We know that starting a business is never easy. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to maintain an edge over competitors. Hoist can simplify the process thanks to the incredible features that it boasts with lead optimization, scheduling, invoicing, marketing, brand messaging, training, and so much more. Find out why so many painters, movers, and roofers are deciding to take advantage of all that Hoist has to offer!

If you own a home services company, read on to find out how we can help you scale and grow your business. We know that there are plenty of experts and consultants that claim that they can help - but our expertise and value is simply unmatched. We don’t just offer the technology to get you started with your brand - we provide training materials, marketing insights, CRM, and much more. We do this ALL without charging you an insane amount of money (like franchises do).

“Taking The Leap”

There are plenty of people all over the world who would love to start their own business, but have second thoughts about all of the costs, risks, and uncertainties involved with starting a business. Many of these individuals realize that this will take a significant amount of time or effort and are planning to enter that phase later on in their life. Others have ideas for companies, but don’t have the resources to start getting things going.

Hoist believes that you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your financial stability for your business. You can keep working at your day job until Hoist is scaling your business to the point where you can focus on your financial future. We believe that the future should be full of more options, rather than encouraging business owners to take a leap of faith before making sense for them (and their families). What other platform gives you the possibility of scaling your business without sacrificing your other obligations and priorities?

Hoist doesn’t just only offer industry leads that can help you increase your revenue and profits. We also offer an alternative to the traditional “take the leap” narrative. You have probably heard about entrepreneurs that quit their job to start a life-changing venture. Still, sometimes this journey simply isn’t realistic. After all, Hoist is here to help you succeed, rather than offer ultimatums.

Incredible Value

It’s hard to explain just how much your company can scale thanks to Hoist, because it offers such an incredible array of features. The great thing about Hoist is that we aren’t a platform that just helps with one aspect of your home service business - we can truly help make sure that your business runs the way that it should! This includes a lot more than just getting new leads - we can help you create a website easily, operate marketing tech to make sure that you are consistently getting new business, and also create a cohesive message regarding your br

First, Hoist has an incredible conversion rate when it comes to leads. Specifically, we convert your leads to appointments 91% of the time! Hoist can help put thousands of dollars in your pocket every week. Our insight is critical in an industry where potential customers start looking at other options immediately if they don’t get a quick response. Hoist also AUTOMATICALLY CONNECTS to your calendar for streamlined operations.

Hoist also understands the importance of cohesion, which is why we train our agents to reflect your brand’s tone and personality. Many home services businesses end up losing business because they simply don’t understand how to engage with customers properly, but our U.S.-based support agents understand how to make sure that your customer will hang up feeling like they were heard and appreciated.

Some agencies and companies that will offer some insight as to how they can help you get new business. However, they may be hesitant about taking you behind the scenes and showing you how things are really done. Hoist doesn’t think that way. We offer our clients COMPLETE VISIBILITY when it comes to the sales process because we know that when you grow - we grow.

Your Own Company Vs A Franchise

There’s nothing wrong with people who want to spend thousands of dollars  to purchase a franchise. However, Hoist makes it so that you can launch a successful business without spending excessive capital. Let’s be honest: franchises can be insanely expensive! Did you know that you have to have a $1.5 million net worth to even open a KFC? As if that wasn’t enough, many of these franchises eat up to 12% of gross sales before you can even start thinking about your particular franchise. This option simply isn’t realistic for many home services entrepreneurs hoping to secure their financial future.

Hoist believes that there is a better way. We not only generate leads for you, we also qualify them - and even then, we only charge 8% of business leads that were fed directly into your pipeline. We don’t believe in an overpriced process full of red tape and travel where it takes weeks to sign a franchisee contract. At Hoist, you can literally sign up and get started ON THE SAME DAY!

Branding Advantages

Hoist understands that search engines drive an incredible amount of traffic on the Internet. It’s one of the reasons that Google (now known as Alphabet) emerged as one of the most powerful technology companies in the world over the past several decades. We bring in years of SEO expertise to help optimize your company so that customers searching for your specific services will be brought right to your digital front door. We remain dedicated to finding and optimizing search terms that can help you book more jobs than ever before.

Hoist also allows access to in-depth market research to help you stay ahead of the curve, no matter what. There’s also a saying that “content is king.” Content marketing not only helps bring traffic to your website, it helps when it comes time to establish trust and credibility with future customers. We make creating, publishing, and tracking content incredibly simple, because we know that offering value through content is a great way to lure in new business.

A Massive Opportunity

There are many people out there that have the knowledge and skills to make money, but are hoping to take their business to the next level. Of course, there are so many obstacles that make that more difficult than ever. Some businesses might be surviving thanks to existing customers, but simply don’t understand how to reach out to new demographics or implement successful marketing campaigns that lead to more exposure and revenue.

First, entrepreneurs might not have the resources to market their services as much as the competition. Even if you do own a business and have the resources, you may not have the financial discipline to remember the bottom line when it comes to scaling your business. It isn’t easy for a small business owner, and this is one of the reasons that 95% of businesses fail within the first five years.

Of course, there are countless reasons why a business might end up failing. Your customer support team may not be trained properly. The employees that you hired might not be as productive as you hoped, or the company culture might become toxic to the point where your employees don’t feel invested in your company. Even worse, your employees may not have been trained or onboarded properly to begin with.

Hoist does believe that there’s a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs all over the world. More and more, people are realizing that technology allows them the ability to connect and sell products/services to people all over the world. Home service entrepreneurs can often find the customers they need to establish their own company, and it’s technology that has allowed so many freelancers and entrepreneurs to market

Jumping Over The Hurdles

There’s a reason why so many people speak about starting their own business, but only a small percentage of them actually end up building and scaling a successful company. The fact remains that starting a company can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Even if you have the money to start a company - you might start facing obstacles when it comes to regulations, licenses, or finding the right employees. Once you do find the right people to work with, you also then have to worry about creating the right company culture.

When you do ultimately create a successful business - the journey isn’t over. At this point, entrepreneurs have to figure out how to grow the company and make it even more successful, so that it is constantly profiting and expanding.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of capable entrepreneurs that want to build a successful painting or moving company without any aspirations to become the next Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg. Hoist is the perfect platform to help create a company, and offers some incredible automated solutions that allow you to focus on long-term growth and innovation. Why buy a franchise when you can start your new venture quickly and efficiently with Hoist?

We believe in empowering entrepreneurs that are simply trying to take their home services company to the next level, because not every businessman is trying to become a tech billionaire CEO.

Burning Through Cash

Why is it better to launch a business through Hoist rather than purchase a franchise? Well, not only does it cost less upfront - it also ends up costing less over time, as well. You might be thinking about real estate costs and franchise fees, but what about if there are unexpected construction costs thanks to zoning regulations that you didn’t know about? Business owners also have to consider the costs of furniture, signage, or new equipment that is crucial to the success of the business.

Franchise owners might also realize that they will have to spend a fortune researching the market before actually launching it, as well. Hoist makes it easy to start a business without all of this tremendous overhead. We know that becoming an entrepreneur takes risks, but it doesn’t take many mistakes for a franchisee to fail miserably. Hoist is also an incredible option because there aren’t any liquid asset requirements like there often are when it comes to purchasing franchise.

The startup costs are only the beginning when it comes to a franchise, and there are situations where your credit history will also have to be examined. Hoist understands that owners are concerned about making money and building up their businesses NOW - and we believe that we offer a much better alternative to traditional franchises.

Franchise Disadvantages

There are plenty of home services professionals that save up their money to start a business but decide to go with the franchise model. Franchises do cost a significant amount of money, but that’s not the only disadvantage. First and foremost, franchise agreements mean that there is very little leeway when it comes to figuring out how to run a business.

With Hoist, you can do business on your own terms. Often, franchisees find that the franchise doesn’t truly understand industry trends or innovative strategies that could increase revenue. Unfortunately, they are bound by the agreement to operate a certain way. Hoist makes it so that you have TRUE INDEPENDENCE when it comes to your business. It’s your business - you should operate it the way YOU WANT to!

Believe it or not, after all the money spent on your franchise - you might actually be restricted regarding what products you can sell, and where you can sell them. This is another reason why Hoist is a better alternative. We offer true freedom to business owners when franchisors often seek to limit their operations in some form or fashion.

There’s another fact that you will have to face as a franchisee. What if the actions of other franchisees end up damaging the reputation of the company? YOUR franchise will now face the damage to its brand reputation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a terrible marketing campaign, a viral video incident, or a terrible product: you might find that a franchisee can end up hurting your business more than you thought possible. With Hoist, your business can brand itself, so this isn’t a possibility.

We Cannot Guarantee Results

It’s important to note that Hoist is here to help entrepreneurs with their home service business, but that doesn’t mean that we can wave a magic wand and make sure that everyone that signs up for our platform becomes millionaires. We cannot dictate the markets, or make sure that you are getting a steady stream of work in a region where there simply might not be enough work for your business to thrive, there is too much established competition, or if your reviews don’t speak to new customers the way that you thought they would.

Hoist is here to give you the tools to succeed, and make sure that it’s easy for your business to streamline operations and take marketing seriously. However, Hoist cannot “guarantee results” in any way. We are extremely proud of the fact that several people have already been incredibly successful with Hoist. However, we are confident that we can add value to your existing home service business, or help you create a company without being forced to invest tons of money into the venture.

We can help owners with their training, but your experience will likely determine your earnings on the platform. You may already have a large customer base, as well. This is a much different situation from an owner who is just trying to get things started from the ground floor. We are here to help as much as possible, but Hoist cannot guarantee results or success.

Steady Work

One of the great things about teaming up with Hoist is that it offers an incredible amount of scalability. Once your business is up and running, and the word is out about the incredible work that you do - business owners can reach the point where they are making millions thanks to the Hoist platform.

One business owner claims that we offered 50X in terms of value, and other business owners praise how adaptable that Hoist is as a platform. James C. was stunned by the fact that it only took 50 days for him to see a massive increase in his sales platform, and it didn’t even take marketing dollars or consultants to make it happen! Hoist clearly is the best platform for home services entrepreneurs that are hoping for a comprehensive platform that can adapt and react as needed.

Hardin Hawes of Paint LKN loves the fact that we have made everything so easy when it comes to his painting business. He loves the fact that he can schedule jobs “from my car or on my couch”, and simply can’t believe the amount of time and energy his company is saving by working with Hoist. Mr. Hawes also loves the fact that we have not only helped his business get more leads, but make the entire process easier for him.

Joel Campbell loved the fact that Hoist has been so passionate about seeing him succeed, that he not only considers himself just another owner - he says “I am an advocate” when it comes to Hoist! Mr. Campbell owns Smith Street Painting, and was floored by the dedication and effort of our employees. We are proud to work with owners that understand that we are here for the long-term!

Is Hoist Right For You?

You might be reading through and realizing that Hoist is the perfect way for you to start your first business, or you might be thinking about whether you are ready to join Hoist. Everyone is in different situations. The beauty of Hoist is that it can help your business whether you are a novice trying to “learn the ropes” or an established entrepreneur hoping to market yourself to new customers or rebrand your company for more modern times.

If you are interested in having some help when it comes to your home service business, it’s easy to see that Hoist offers an incredible amount of value for very affordable rates. As you can see, we are home to many owners that believe that we are the best platform to help them excel and secure their financial future. If you are serious about an affordable way to take control of your destiny - Hoist is the logical choice.

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