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Four Tips on How To Get a Business Address in 2022

A new decade has brought a new style of work. If you want to branch out and get your business address, read on for more information.

2022 has introduced the world to a new way of working. Business times are changing from working from home to gig culture to digital nomads. 

No matter your situation, having a business address can boost credibility regarding consumer optics. It can also help you separate work life from personal life. And really, it’s not that much different than having a business account completely separate from your bank account. 

A business address is assigned to your place of business. When you have a physical business mailing address to put on your business cards or online business website, it shows stability and makes people feel more secure knowing that your business truly exists. 

If you’re interested in getting a business address or wondering if you need one, stick with us, and we’ll walk you through all the need-to-knows.

Four Tips on How To Get a Business Address in 2022

From home to hybrid to the office, in 2022, you’ll need a business address to be taken more seriously in the workforce. So how do you get your own business address? 

  1. Get a USPSP.O. Box
  2. Opt for a Coworking Space Address
  3. Purchase a Mailbox from the UPS Store
  4. Use a Virtual Business Address

Get a USPSP.O. Box

Acquiring a United States Postal ServiceP.O. Box address is a reliable and affordable method to get a business address. It is a great way for small business owners to have their own private mailbox. The Post Office makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Choose your location, apply, reserve, and pay online
  2. Pick up your keys with two forms of ID at your selected location
  3. Get mail!

While this process is incredibly simple, there are a few drawbacks, like hours of operation. If you know you keep unconventional hours, keep reading to learn about more flexible options.

Opt for a Coworking Space Address

Coworking spaces have become more and more popular as business landscapes continue to change. These spaces provide office space that is either shared by individual entrepreneurs or business owners who do not need a full office building. 

Make sure the coworking space has a secure system so your mail is always protected. A secure system means that the coworking space has registered as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) with the USPS. This ensures they are legally registered agents allowed to collect mail for their recipients. 

Each coworking space will have a slightly different system for collecting mail for its business tenants. Whether it is a mailbox in the mailroom or an address for your office in the building, this can be a great way to establish a business address for yourself.

Purchase a Mailbox From the UPS Store

This option is similar to obtaining a P.O. box from the USPS. It is extremely secure, and UPS has abundant locations around the country for your convenience. 

When trying to decide between USPS and UPS, here are some perks UPS offers that the USPS does not:

  1. You get a physical street address, not just a P.O. box number.
  2. You will receive messages and updates about your mail and package deliveries.
  3. You will have 24-hour access to your UPS mail service.

Pricing will vary by location, so be sure to enter an accurate zip code during your research.

Use a Virtual Business Address

A virtual business address is another great solution if you run a home business and want to keep your personal address private.

A virtual business address allows you to choose any physical address, which opens up opportunities to reach large markets and obtain prestigious addresses.

So how does it work? The registered agent service facility will receive your mail (and junk mail), scan and upload the contents of the mail, and email it to you or upload it to a portal you have access to. You do not have to go anywhere to retrieve your mail. Everything is online, so think of it as a virtual mailbox service.

Again, ensure the facility is registered with USPS and check to see that it partners with all other major mail carriers. This will ensure security and ease of use. 

Who Needs a Business Address in 2022?

If you run your own business, how do you know if you need a business address or not? If one of the three categories below applies to you, it’s time to consider your options. 

  • Businesses Relocating or Expanding
  • Digital Nomads
  • LLCs and Corporations

Businesses Relocating or Expanding


You need a business address if you run a brick-and-mortar or operate any type of in-person business.

If you relocate your business, people will still need to know where to find you. When you relocate your business, you will need a new business address. Always ensure this is up-to-date so your customers and vendors don’t run into any issues.


Congratulations, your business is expanding! If your business is on the up and up, chances are you’ll be receiving more and possibly larger mail.

If you’ve been operating out of your home, it’s probably time for a P.O. box or UPS box. It’s important to remain professional, so embrace the concept of a business address and move on.

Digital Nomads

With working from home becoming more and more common, so is flexibility. Just because it’s called “work from home” doesn’t mean you have to be physically in your home. As long as you’ve got a stable WiFi connection, you can probably do your job from anywhere in the world!

That’s how the term “digital nomad” stepped onto the scene. A digital nomad is a remote worker who travels the globe, all while getting their job done from wherever they are from one day to the next. 

While this might sound awesome, it’s still a relatively new concept. This means that not every client might be as open to it yet. For example, if one week a freelancer says their address is in Peru but the next it is in Vietnam, a client might be less likely to trust that freelancer. 

Luckily, there are plenty of options for establishing a business address to combat those doubts. If you are a digital nomad with a virtual office, consider obtaining a business address to boost trusting relationships with your clients. It’s much more reliable than mail forwarding!

LLCs and Corporations

Regarding LLCs and corporations, the rules are not as flexible. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a corporation must have a physical business address in the same state where it operates. If you are thinking of starting your own LLC or corporation, a business address is your best bet because whichever mailing address you list will be a matter of public record. 

Ensure your safety and maintain a professional image by determining which business address option is right for you.


Getting a business address might not be the huge struggle that you imagined. These days, there are simple solutions like a P.O. Box, a UPS box, or a virtual business address. 

A physical address for your business is a great way to boost credibility and provide a sense of permanence for your customers.

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own small business, you are ready to expand your LLC, or you are called to a nomadic existence, securing a professional business address in 2022 is the way to go.


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