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How to Start a Homeservices Company For Beginners

Do you want to become your own boss? Learn how to start a home services company from this post and start your journey to business autonomy.

We can quickly name 11 service business ideas to start in 2022. Why a service business? Because customers are continually craving more convenience. As a result, we expect the gig economy to grow to 86.5 million “gig” workers and freelancers in the U.S. by 2027.  

Here’s how to start a home services company to capitalize on the opportunities the gig economy presents: 

How Do You Start a Homeservices Company?

You’ll invest your time and resources before succeeding as a business owner, so it doesn't hurt to follow these steps, especially if you’re new to running a business: 

1. Choose a Specialty

One of the hallmarks of the happiest jobs in America is doing meaningful work. Start by assessing your talents and skills for things you find easy or enjoyable. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Are you creative and open to new experiences? 
  • Do you have DIY skills or skills beyond a DIY level?
  • Do you have any hobbies you enjoy?
  • Are there any home improvement projects from your past that you found enjoyable or excelled at?

For instance, say you enjoy working with your hands and understanding how things work. In that case, maybe you should consider starting a plumbing business. 

Maybe you are a creative person who loves to paint and decorate. In that case, a painting service business or interior decorator would be the best choices for you. 

In a nutshell, choose what you love. However, ensure you are committed to your idea before moving to the next step.

2. Learn and Build the Skills You’ll Need to Succeed

There's a significant difference between having a skill and turning it into a lucrative business. You’ll need to understand your business from the ground up. That includes having the ability to do the work and run the administrative side of your business. 

You also need to be opportunistic and detail-oriented to solve problems that arise daily. For instance, the most successful small business owners are motivated, self-sufficient, self-reliant, and not afraid to take risks when solving issues.

So, don't be afraid to admit to yourself that you need to build your skills before opening up shop. For instance, you might have excellent painting skills but know that your marketing, sales, and administrative skills are not as well developed.

If you know this about yourself, it’s never a bad idea to seek training to help you build those skills while working on the next steps.

2. Structure Your Business

While working on your skills, you can choose the proper business structure for your home services company. The best options are usually sole proprietorship or limited liability company business structures.

You should also consult an accountant regarding the tax treatments of the structure you select. Speaking of accounting, you’ll need to ensure you set up an invoicing and accounting system to ensure you get paid and can pay your employees, if any.

3. Complete Any Relevant Licenses or Certifications

Then start to file and apply for the licenses and paperwork you need. You need a business name, a registered agent, an employer identification number, a bank account, business insurance coverage, and any relevant licenses and permits required by your city or state.

You’ll want to ensure all your paperwork is in order before officially starting your business.

4. Create a Website

Your next step is to build an online presence so that customers can find you. If you want to create your website quickly, you may want to consider Hoist's Site Builder.

You can design and launch your homeservices website in minutes with Hoist’s Site Builder. The process is automated and optimized for the home services industry and all you’ll need to do is answer a few questions. 

There are several other website builders available, but none are specifically for the home services industry, so there will be extra steps and work involved.

5. Marketing Your Homeservices Business

Marketing your business goes hand in hand with launching your business and your website. You’ll need a strong brand to stand out and creating a brand story, logo, marketing materials and getting discovered by clients is an exciting and complicated step of starting your business. 

You can consider DIY-ing your brand by designing your own logo and finding a printer for any marketing materials you create yourself; you can hire an agency, or you can use Hoist’s Brand Creation and Marketing Services.

Hoist can quickly bring your brand to life and begin generating leads by getting you on Yelp, Google, HomeAdvisor and other home service industry information sites. 

Hoist even helps generate organic traffic to your site by helping with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What Are Home Services Companies?

Are you ready to get started but still need ideas for your home services business? Consider what is meant by “home services” and what you’ll be offering. 

Home services companies offer assistance to homeowners with homecare task lists that many of us find hard to do or are simply too busy to complete. This list consists of anything from interior decorating to handyman services.

Homeservice Company Ideas

There are several possible services that fall between decorating and maintenance:

Interior and Exterior Painting

Here’s a surprising fact: The painting industry is worth $42 billion and no company has more than 1% of the market. The house painting business is the best service to break into because the demand far exceeds the number of painting companies available. 

Additionally, you need minimal initial capital to get you started. You simply need someone in your corner who can help you get started, build your skills, and assist with marketing. 

Hoist can do all of this and you don't need prior experience or an existing customer base. Simply fill out the required paperwork and you have your business up and running in no time with Hoist’s guidance.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning services involve any home cleaning needed by a client. For instance, you can offer residential cleaning where you clean the entire home. You can even expand your services to include the house's interior, exterior, and pool areas.

Or niche down your service offerings to specific cleaning services like dry cleaning with pick-up and delivery to your customers. 

Other options include offering carpet cleaning services, pool cleaning, or window washing services. 

General Maintenance Services

As long as things break in homes, homeowners will need general maintenance services. With this in mind, you can turn repair skills into a fruitful business. 

You can repair anything from jammed cabinets, drywall holes, flooring that’s not badly damaged, or simple plumbing issues.

Apartment Prepping

You can be the ultimate apartment prepper in your local area by offering residential and commercial property owners apartment prepping services. All you need is some basic plumbing, scrubbing, and caulking skills; the same as required in general maintenance services.

You’ll work with landlords needing quick repairs or help prepping vacant rental homes or apartment units for new tenants.

Interior Decor

Don't pass up the opportunity to offer design services to clients if you have a flair for design. The good thing about interior design is that it is a versatile service industry. 

Your service offerings can include shopping for furniture and other home space requirements, choosing materials and accessories for a home, and selecting the paint colors for every room. 

You may even be able to do double duty and pair your painting business with interior design.

Garden Services and Pool Care

Tending gardens in homes with added pool servicing and maintenance can be profitable. There are several homeowners who may want a neat lawn, beautiful, inviting flowers, and a clean pool every day.

Are Homeservices Companies Profitable?

Yes. Many service-based businesses can make as much profit as product-based businesses. However, this depends significantly on you and your new business venture. For instance, home painting services are in demand and you can also find success in plumbing or electrical services.

Our tip is to primarily focus on creating a revenue model that grows your profits.


Starting a home services company is more than turning your hobby into a business. You need a willingness to learn, work hard, and endure stress.

However, if you choose the right service to offer, build your skills, and work on your online presence, it won't take long before you’re successful.

You can find success quickly if you get started with Hoist today. You'll get a community of experienced service providers to guide you and a plethora of features to help you start, run, and grow your business hassle-free.


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