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Reasons to Work From Home: 8 Great Benefits

COVID-19 effects are pushing remote working to new heights. But if you're still deciding whether to go remote, here are 8 reasons to work from home.

There are many reasons to work from home. For instance, research has shown that employees in agile workplaces already work more hours than they do in the office. Employees who work remote even have a 35 to 40 percent increased employee productivity rate.

According to Flexjobs, 58% of respondents want to work remotely fully, and 39% want a hybrid workplace. As it stands, only 3% prefer to be in the office full time. 

Still, debate exists on whether employers should allow their employees to work from home entirely, with monitoring productivity being a significant concern.

So, what reasons justify the increasing move to remote work options?

What Are the Benefits of Working From Home?

Improved Work-Life Balance

One of the best reasons to work from home is your flexibility to build a better work-life balance. Think about it. When working from home, you get the chance to control your schedule. 

This means you can sleep and wake up when you want, choose your working hours, and fit in some extra time to do your personal tasks or look into the home-based business opportunities to try.

At home, you can settle down and work. Or you might wake up early in the morning, get your work done, and by the time the rest of the family is awake, you are free to bond, relax, or engage in adventurous activities together. 

A Comfortable Working Space

Now, we have nothing against office chairs and desks. But sometimes, it feels fantastic to sit on a comfortably cushioned sofa as you work. And let's not confine our imagination to the chair and tables only.

Imagine having the freedom to design your office exactly how you like it. Think plants to brighten the room and clean the air. Or maybe you want a yoga mat for planned meditations between your working schedules. How about adding a treadmill to your office space?

Or maybe yet, you want to cozy up in your pajamas next to a fireplace as you work your way through winter. The options are endless, making designing your office space one of the most exciting parts of remote work.

Increased Sustainability

Among the reasons to work from home is the privilege to support sustainability. Being at home more than usual reduces your carbon footprint, which positively affects climate change. For instance, using your vehicle less often during commutes to and from work produces fewer carbon emissions into the environment.

Being stuck in traffic and congestion is also a significant contributor to climate change, factors you mitigate with remote work. Other sustainability initiatives you support by working from home include reducing inequalities and adding to the economy's growth.

Financial Savings (For You and Your Boss)

Achieving financial dreams contribute significantly to why many people want to be self-employed

If you are yet to start a business of your own, use remote workplaces to save some of your finances. Let's dive into the everyday daily expenses of commuting to and from the office:

  • Gas expenses, parking fees, maintenance costs, or other transportation costs like commuting using the train
  • Coffee, pastries, and lunch orders from restaurants or cafes
  •  Professional attire, including clothes, shoes, and other accessories like ties and bags

In contrast, you're more likely to save money on food when working from home since it's easier to cook. You also spend less on gas, car maintenance, and parking fees. The cost of buying clothes for the office is reduced as well.

Additionally, employers can save on office space and overhead, and operational costs when most employees work from home.

Better Performance and Productivity

One significant benefit of working from home is the potential for a less distracting environment than the typical office setting. 

If the kids are home for a holiday, you can opt to rent out an Airbnb or go to a quiet café during morning hours so that you can work peacefully. 

Additionally, since many workers no longer need to commute, they have more time to work.

This increases productivity and performance. One of the reasons workers perform better in remote locations is that they are happier and stress less often. Therefore, the motivation to work better is enhanced. 

No More Commuting

Did you know that, on average, it takes an American at least an hour to commute to and from work? Now, imagine spending an hour every day to get to work and back home. In a given workweek, you've spent 5 hours on the road. 

Suppose the average working days in a month are 25 days, then you've spent 25 hours on the road in a month. That's an entire day lost thanks to traffic and the other obstacles that accompany your daily commute.

Now imagine how much time you spend going to work in a year. This is why many people who commute to work every day deal with elevated stress and other issues. Skipping the commute might be exactly what you need for a more peaceful workday.

A More Inclusive Working Model

With remote work, employers are now recruiting and hiring employees from all over the world. It is not uncommon to find a team of employees working from different cultures and locations in the same department. 

Thanks to the global talent market, companies can hire the most talented workers from any location thanks to remote working or hybrid workplaces. This the global market of workers is expanding its reach each day. 

How Hoist Helps You Work Remotely

Our Hoist platform helps you develop a plan for working remotely while running a painting business. The intuitive platform provides the coaching and training you need to remotely manage a successful painting company. If you run into any issues, the Hoist team is accessible at all times to answer any of your questions.

Hoist also provides powerful tools, expert support, and cutting-edge technology to help painting companies perform better. 


There are plenty of reasons to work from home, and it’s easy to see why so many companies are embracing remote work. The benefits of remote work include greater environmental sustainability, a more inclusive and diverse culture, and the potential for healthier employees.

However, it is vital to note that despite these benefits, it is still challenging to be productive consistently when running your painting company from home, especially when you’re working alone. 

With the help of a tool like Hoist, rest easy knowing you have a platform that makes being your own boss and managing your painting business easier than ever. Click here to get started on Hoist today.


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